Climbing Team

Set goals.
Build relationships.
Team camaraderie.
Climbing discipline.
Have fun.

The Grotto team is dedicated first and foremost to self-improvement in climbing.

Training is split into a number of phases that range from strengthening your core climbing muscle groups to energy saving and mental techniques that are sure to take your climbing to the next level.
Whether you are interested in competing or simply interested in improving your own techniques
and training ethics, the Grotto climbing team welcomes all who are interested. Competing is not
required, although team members are encouraged to compete in local competition series.


Team Expectations
• Must pass the Grotto top-rope belay check
• Must meet age requirements (Team is 11-18 years)
• Must have a passion for climbing
• Check in at the desk for every practice
• All team members are required to participate in team events and fundraisers
• Team members are ambassadors of the Guelph Grotto, and are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Grotto’s standards and attitudes towards fostering an accessible and welcoming climbing community

Team Perks
• 15% off all Grotto merchandise
• 50% off lead climbing lesson
• Free equipment rental at the Grotto
• Entry fees to 3 competitions during season (with a 6 month commitment)
• Team jersey

“The kids learn so much more than technique and training methods…working as a team, camaraderie, discipline and setting goals are major aspects of our program.”



Please forward inquiries to Mat “Curlz” Moreau, Head Coach- Email Mat

Mat “Curlz” Moreau- Head Coach

Mat, or “Curls” as he is known by many, started the Grotto Climbing Team in the fall of 2011.
Mat is a natural coach whose experience includes instructing at the Guelph Grotto for over eight
years as well as over four years spent coaching the John F. Ross High school wrestling team.