Scout/Guide Programs

Scout and Guide Group Programming 


The Guelph Grotto Climbing Gym offers climbing programs for Scout and Guide groups. We have 3 different programs for you to choose from and all programs include a climbing harness. Climbing shoes can be rented for an extra fee or clean, indoor, closed-toe shoes can be worn.

Climb Time: A climbing session run on an hourly basis. Our certified staff can belay for your group or your leaders can belay and our staff can provide a gym introduction!

Climb Time plus Badge Work: An hour and a half climbing session that includes instructor led lessons on skills needed to achieve a badge (ex. knots). It also includes lots of climbing!

Belay Lesson: This is a two hour lesson for climbers ages 8 and up. Climbers will learn to belay each other while being supervised by our trained instructors. Belaying requires climbers to learn leadership, teamwork and excellent communication skills!

Contact the Guelph Grotto for pricing and to book your group!