Portable Wall Program

The Guelph Grotto assembles a portable rock climbing wall in your school’s gym and offers a week-long indoor rock climbing phys-ed unit.

Experienced instructors instruct the students on the basics of indoor rock climbing, as well as introduce different games and activities throughout the week; all designed to keep the students engaged and build their interest and knowledge of the sport.


“The students learned the fundamentals of rock climbing, and a new activity was introduced everyday with instruction at the beginning of each class, keeping everyone engaged with a different aspects of rock climbing and rope works…”

What are the benefits of rock climbing?

Rock climbing is a fun and exciting sport and a great way to build strength, flexibility and promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Students will also benefit from the sport’s inherent emphasis on teamwork, trust, problem solving, and personal achievement. Climbing is a unique activity and enriching experience that students will, without a doubt, grow to love.

$35.00/student for the entire week!

Includes one week of in-school instruction from experienced instructors and a FREE 2 week membership at the Guelph Grotto Indoor Climbing Gym.

What skills do they learn?

• How to properly put on a harness
• How to properly tie a double figure eight knot and double fisherman’s knot
• How to belay properly using a Petzl Gri Gri
• How to properly ascend

What does the program offer?

• Top-rope climbing: 12 roped climbs – 6 overhanging, 6 vertical – at a height of 20 feet!
• Bouldering: Four 9 foot tall free climbing faces!
• Ascending: 4-5 anchored ascending lines measuring up to 40 feet!
• Rope ladders: 6 exciting, large-scale rope ladders!

Additional Info:
• All equipment and instruction is offered in-school in an effort to eliminate any extra fees or additional requirements
• Portable rock climbing walls engineered by Tacoma Engineering with third party inspection, insured with a $5 million liability, covered under WSIB, instructor police checks provided.