Technique Classes

Intro to Technique

Time to level up!

This class is designed for climbers new to technique who are looking to level up! Over the course of 4 weeks we will cover the foundations of warm ups, footwork, body positioning, climbing efficiently, and building strength for climbing. Small class sizes mean you get time with the instructor AND some new climbing pals.

$60 + tax, add a membership and gear for $20 and get unlimited climbing throughout your course! See below for available times.

We Offer Personalized Technique Classes

Are you wearing holes in the toes of shoes and they’re only a few months old? Are your muscles not recovering as quickly as you like? Are you looking to improve your skills but not sure how? Let us help! Our experienced and qualified instructors are eager to share their knowledge and technical know how. No matter your experience level, our technique classes are for you! They can be tailored to include beginner, intermediate and/or advanced skills depending on your climbing abilities. Some of the techniques we can focus on are: footwork, body positioning, climbing warm up/cool down, terminology, grip types, movement types, balancing power and endurance training and much more.

We offer both private and semi-private classes. To start, schedule your initial technique class which includes an assessment of your climbing skill set. After your initial class, you can schedule your personalized technique classes on an hourly basis.

To learn more about class availability and pricing, please contact the Guelph Grotto at or 519-767-0838.