First time climbing? Climbed before?

Climbed before?

For those of you who are already familiar with top rope or lead belaying and don’t require a lesson or supervision, click here to find out about our quick and easy belay test policy.

Never climbed before?

If you are climbing for the very first time, or if climbing is still new to you below is a breakdown of the best ways to start climbing at the Grotto.  For those who are interested in taking technique lessons, or would like to join the climbing team see our lessons and youth pages for more information. Please note that our options may require advanced booking and ALL climbers must fill out a waiver.

Parents or guardians must sign for those under 18 years of age. Click here to fill out and send in your waiver now!

Belay Test for experienced climbers

If you have climbed before, but it is your first time climbing at the Grotto you must pass a belay test before top rope or lead climbing at our facility. For the top rope test you will be required to demonstrate basic knowledge of proper harnessing, how to tie a double figure 8 with a keeper knot, and correct belaying technique. Drop-ins are welcome for top rope tests, however we ask for one week’s notice for lead tests. In the lead test you will have to exhibit proper belay and climbing techniques, as well as be able to explain common mistakes that are made and elaborate on their faults. Equipment is not provided for the lead test.

Auto Belays

What is an Auto Belay?
Autobelays are mechanical safety systems that protect a climber from falling. They are ideal for climbing on those days when your partner can’t be there, solo nights or for trying climbing before taking the full belay lesson.




• An orientation to the autobelay sysem is required for all users
• Children under 13 must be actively supervised by an adult

Looking for some climbing gear?

We can help. The Guelph Grotto has a fully stocked climbing Pro Shop with all of the essentials to get you climbing. We stock great products from some of the best brands like Petzl and Evolv. Ask a staff member today!