Belay Lessons


Show Me The Ropes

An introduction to top rope belaying and climbing

Show Me the Ropes is a two hour lesson, during which we will teach you how to get into your harness, tie knots and proper belay technique. Must be 12 or older. 

Class Details
• Lesson is up to two hours
• Includes complimentary Two Week Membership (Membership lasts for 14 days, dated from instructional class)

Add $10 and get your harness and shoe rental included for the two weeks! (This is a great option if you are in the process of getting your own gear)

Private: $75 – call to book a time that works for you! Please allow 48 hours notice.
Semi private: $60/person – call to book a time that works for you and your climbing partner! Please allow 48 hours notice.
Open group: $50/person – register online below, or give us a call to join a lesson with other climbers!

Don’t see a time that works for you? Give us a call to make a custom booking. 519-767-0838



Take The LEAD!

A lead climbing course for experienced climbers.

Push yourself beyond your self-imposed limits! In two three-hour sessions, you will learn the skills needed for sport lead climbing. You will need your own rope and GriGri. The course is designed for two climbers but if you don’t have a partner, let us know!

Class Details
• Provide own equipment: Petzl GriGri, sport climbing rope, and harness
• Must demonstrate advanced climbing ability (climbing 5.10 or higher regularly) must be able to flash a Guelph Grotto 5.10-
• Must demonstrate climbing safety and knowledge to instructor prior to introductory lesson
• Climbing ability and safety methodology assessed by instructor prior to lesson

If there is more than 50lbs weight difference between you and your climbing partner please speak with the front desk before booking or email. 

2 or more climbers – $175/per climber

Private lesson – $220

or email to inquire about alternate times.